2016 Fall Arts Guide:


The Vignettes Design Series encourages interdisciplinary collaboration. Vignettes challenges interior designers, woodworkers, craftsmen, and visual artists to work together to create original and unique spaces that showcase their talents in new ways.

SEPT 15-17 & 24 | Full Details


The Shops @ Vacancy Hall have joined forces with a handful of local makers and designers to bring you a Pop-Up event that is sure to blow your closet away. Come scope, scour and collect custom brands from local creators.

Oct 1st | 5-9PM| Full Details

MB 3rd Bday: Gallery1 | Gallery2

MINBID One is a street style art gallery. Representing local and western Canadian artists from across Alberta & B.C. Stop by the gallery today and join us as we continue to Explore the Underbelly of the Canadian Art Scenes.

Fall / Winter Hours: By Appointment Only

Call: 780-909-7328   | info@minbid.ca

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Purchase art online, by phone, or in shop. We are happy to make local deliveries or arrange shipping. Contact us today to speak with a MINBID representative.

780-909-7328      •      info@minbid.ca