DJ BudaKron on the decks – Hip Hop Set 
Where: Vacancy Hall – Lower Level Mercer Warehouse
When: July 8. 9PM start.
Who: MINBID Crew
Why: Jamie Law is moving to Victoria so we are going to break a bottle of bubbly over his fine ass. 
Cost: $20 @ Door for a MINBID Membership (OpenBar)
Members Only – So sign up today. The form is at the bottom of the page. Or simply register for a bid #. 



Master Piece Theatre

MINBID is stepping it up in 2017 with an exclusive, private, underground art auction like no other. Come see MINBID artists put on their best and show off their top pieces as we celebrate all things underground. Hip Hop djs, rap acts and rad art as fresh as a new pair of adidas shell toe kicks.
As an added bonus. One of the MINBID Crew is moving away. So help us send off Jamie Law to the West Coast with a bang, boom, crash, hazzah!

Registration/BID #

DRINKS: Brew from SteamWhistle + MINBID signature cocktails


 Neftali Reyes

Instagram: @neftali.hiphopmusic
Facebook: Neftali Reyes


MINBID One is a street style art gallery. Representing local and western Canadian artists from across Alberta & B.C. Stop by the gallery today and join us as we continue to Explore the Underbelly of the Canadian Art Scenes.



2017 Hours: By appointment only.

Call: 780-909-7328   |

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