What is the Vignettes Design Series?

The Vignettes Design Series is an interdisciplinary event that brings together local designers, artists, and makers to bring their best in collaboration and creation to co-create amazing environments.  What began as a grassroots campaign created to promote the local art and design industry back in 2012 in Edmonton has now grown into a month-long festival.  We create unique, pop-up experiences in the downtown core to drive industry, community, and culture.  Tapping into under-utilized spaces creates a refreshing and unparalleled experience for event goers while reviving our city. 

The Vignettes Design Series collaborates with over ninety Canadian based companies and community organizations to bring a one-of-a-kind pop up gallery to downtown Edmonton.  Our event continues to build, grow, and evolve as more partnerships join our movement.


How is MINBID Involved?

A handful of MINBID artists are involved in Vignettes each year and now MINBID will host the closing party and art auction for this outstanding art event series. On December 7, the Vignettes space in Edmonton City Centre Mall main level will play host to the largest art auction and sale in Vignettes YEG History. The event details and tickets will be available soon. So please follow Vignettes and stay tuned for the event invite. In the meantime get your tickets to the Vignettes VIP Gala on September 21 before they are all gone!

Events & Experiences

  • VIP Opening Gala. Friday, September 21, 2018
  • Open to the Public, Extended to 2019
  • MINBID Closing Party + Auction, December 7, 2018