ROUND 1 Results

Colleen Ulliak: Score 102.5 – No Sale

Winner: Natasha Labelle: Score 129 – Sold $70

Michel Coté: Score 110.5 – Sold $80

Stan Haraszkiewicz: Score 104.5 – Sold $50


ROUND 2 Results

Winner: Peter Gegolick: Score 91 – Sold $60

Chris Annett: Score 60 – Sold $70

Brett Boyd: Score 78.5 – Sold $50

Reece Schulte: Score 81 – Sold $100

MINBattle 2016 Results

Battle Info


  • 8 artists battle at each event. 
  • Artists have 1 hour to create a work of art.
  • The artwork is on auction with a starting BID of $50.


Winners will be selected with a 3 prong judging system.

1: JUDGESJudges score the work on a scale of 1-8 low to high.

2: CROWDAttendees vote on a favourite piece.

3: BIDSBID amounts are added to score.



Two Champions will remain at the end of the battle series. Both will receive an artist prize pack valued at $150+, gallery space at MINBID and free tickets to all 2018/19 MINBID events.

How it works

Artists: 16 artists have entered to battle. Artists get in free with a +1.

Registration: $50 includes 24”x24” canvas.


Canvas: We supply a 24×24” canvas so just be ready to paint with supplies and party painting attire.

Supplies: Can be stored on a clearly marked table in the gallery. 

  • MINBID takes 20% of any battle art sold over $100.

Register to battle here: