MINBattle 2018 Info

Thank you for registering for MINBattle 2018. This battle series is designed to engage artists and their crews to come support and connect with other creators in a friendly and competitive manner. It is in your best interest to attend every battle event, be a judge and connect with the emerging artist community of Alberta.

How it works

  • Up to 32 artists can enter to battle.
  • Up to 4 battle events will be held at MINBID Art Gallery.
  • Each event up to 8 artists will battle.
  • Each battle 2 winners will be invited to the final battle.
  • Non-winners are asked to judge at the next battle.
  • The 2 final battle winners receive a prize pack valued at $150, free tickets to all 18/19 MINBID events and gallery space at MINBID.

Registration : $50 includes 24”x24” canvas.

Go to our home page: minbid.ca

Email: info@minbid.ca

Note: We supply the canvas (“24×24”) so just be ready to paint with supplies and party painting attire. Supplies can be stored on a clearly marked table in the gallery. Bring your crew to cheer you on and get ready for a wild night of creativity and fun!

  • Artists get a +1 and open bar access at each event.
  • MINBID takes 20% of any battle art sold over $100.

Note: Each artist is guaranteed a battle. If your number is picked and you are not in attendance then your number goes back in the lottery. By the 4th event there are only 8 numbers left to be pulled so those 8 artists battle guaranteed. If you can’t make the last battle you will be refunded your entry fee and a “wild card” artist will be picked. 

Battle Info


  • To start 8 artists are drawn randomly one at a time.
  • 8 artist are pre-selected to judge.
  • The battle begins and artists have 1 hour to create.
  • Artwork is on auction with a starting BID of $50.


Winners will be selected with a 3 prong judging system.

1: JUDGESJudges score the work on a scale of 1-8 low to high. All added up equals a 1-8 scale, low to high.

2: CROWDAttendees vote on favorite piece, added up equals a 1-8 scale, low to high.

3: BIDSBID amounts are scored on a 1-8 scale, low to high

With NO BID = 0. $50 BID = 1. Ties scoring the same.

TOTAL: These scores are added up reveal a #1 and #2.

Winners are invited to the final battle.


Two Champions will remain at the end of the battle series. Both will receive an artist prize pack valued at $150+, gallery space at MINBID and free tickets to all 18/19 MINBID events.

MINBattle 2016 Results

Register to battle here: