We require a phone number so we can contact winning bidders and arrange pick-up or delivery of the artwork. Our event invites go out via email. You will never be contacted via phone unless you have won a bid.  


How do I become an art buyer with MINBID?

MINBID’s events are private members-only events. Join our invite list with the form on this page to get your BID # and recieve the invites to our events. Then it is as easy as getting your ticket to our next event and finding the next amazing art piece for you collection. 

I won an art piece at an event, now what?

If you won a piece you will be contacted via text message or phone call. If you think you won a piece but are not sure you can call/text 1.780.909.7328 or email after the event you attended.

I want to bring a friend to an event. Can I?

As a MINBID Art Gallery member, you can invite anyone you want to attend our events. Just get them to sign up to our member’s list and get a ticket before arriving at the event to save time at the door. 

What kind of payment does MINBID accept?

We accept cash, credit, and e-transfers for any art that is purchased at our events or through our networks. 

How do I get the art I won at an event?

Winning bidders are contacted within 1-3 days after an event ends. We normally arrange pick-ups at the event venue the week after the event or arrange a delivery time for those that need it or for pieces too large to be picked-up. 

Or at our studio locations. Edmonton’s studio is located at 9662 101A Ave. Vancouver’s studio is located at 256 East 2nd Ave.

Why do you need my email and phone number?

We send out all our event invites and event info via email. We use text messages to contact winning bidders to arrange pick-up and deliveries of sold artwork. You will never be contacted via phone for anything other than to notify you of a won bid and to arrange a pick-up or delivery. 

What if I want more info about a specific artist?

We are more than happy to connect you with an artist from our artist roster. We can provide their social media profiles almost instantly and if the artist is ok with it, we can provide their email for a more direct request.