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What does it mean to show with MINBID?

MINBID holds open calls for most of our events. First-time artists are allowed to submit 1-3 pieces of artwork. If you do well, have a good time and seem like a good fit, you will be asked to show with us again and are then allowed to submit 3+ pieces for future shows. 

What commission does MINBID take?

MINBID takes 20%, 30% or 40% commission depending on how you work with us. 20% if you help with the events and sit on the organizing committee. 30% if you are a regular artist and just attend the events. 40% if you are a non-local artist as we store and manage your artwork. 

Where does MINBID hosts shows?

MINBID hosts art events in Edmonton, AB and Vancouver, BC. 

What kind of events does MINBID host?

MINBID has 3 types of art events that we host on a regular basis. Our signature events are WET PAINT, an art party and auction that celebrates sex. PAINT NASTY, a live mural battle event. As well as regular MINBID events that are silent art auctions. 

Why should you show your art at our events?

MINBID is a hype machine for emerging artists. We have hosted over 50 shows since 2013 and have sold over 100K in artwork. 

It is a risk-free situation to show with us as we only take a commission from work that sells at our events. We take a much lower % compared to most galleries and all our artists get to attend our events for free with a +1.

How does it work once I've decided to show with MINBID?

First, the artist submits an application with the form on this page. We review your artwork and approve 1-3 pieces for your first show. Then you bring your artwork to the venue as per the instructions that will be provided to you upon approval. You are responsible for submitting your artwork information via our BID Sheet webpage. See the BID Sheet tab for full info. 

We handle hanging, selling and delivery of all sold artwork. Unsold artwork can be picked up after the event ends unless some other agreement has been arranged.

How do I create my BID Sheets?

We use a handy online form to create all of our BID Sheets. You will need to submit the form for each art piece you are bring to the show. We handle all printing and hanging of the sheets. This ensures all the sheets look good and uniform for our events. This also keeps a record of the artwork info in case anything should happen to the paper BID Sheet. You can see the Bid Sheet form by clicking the link below. 


What if I sell a piece after the event ends?

We take a commission of all work that sells “under our roof” meaning if the sale happens in the venue where the show was hosted we take a commission. If you meet a buyer and make a sale the day after then good for you, that sale is all yours. It takes a lot of effort to organize our events and so we hope you respect that effort to represent you and your art. 

Does MINBID show any type of art?

MINBID loves all art and artists. We show and sell everything from photography to sculptures to multi-media artwork.

We DO NOT show Canadiana artwork (snow-covered farm fields and Canadian landscapes). The reason is, we feel the Edmonton and Vancouver art markets are already saturated with this type of artwork. If you feel your work falls under this category but has a unique style compared to the mainstream then feel free to submit and we can discuss.