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Jamie Law talks graffiti with BT

Jamie Law, owner of MINBID Art Gallery and local graffiti artist, stops by to chat with Breakfast Television (BT) about his gallery and the strides that have been made in removing the stigma attached to graffiti and street art in general. http://www.dinnertelevision.ca/videos/4926420973001/

Winning the Graffiti Fight

MINBID Co-Founder, Jamie Law, Talks to Metro News about Graffiti in YEG METRO NEWS City officials say the amount of graffiti is down in Edmonton, but one former street artist says efforts to wipe it out are futile. “The war on graffiti will never be won,” said Jamie Law, who’s now a tattoo artist. “As […]

The Art of Admission

MINBID Co-Founder Jamie Law talks to Metro news on how he loves the ETS and is collecting ETS tickets to create an art piece that will be donated to the Donate a Ride Program. METRO NEWS Every day that artist Jamie Law rides the LRT from Central Station to NAIT to his job at a […]

We drove 12,000km & got blown away!

Challenges are situations I engage happily. The storms of life that roll in and out I see as a chance to step up, get involved and succeed. And nothing feels better than true, deserving success. 2 nights ago 6 friends and myself hosted an underground art auction in Vancouver Canada. While being the first auction […]