MINBID Co-Founder Jamie Law talks to Metro news on how he loves the ETS and is collecting ETS tickets to create an art piece that will be donated to the Donate a Ride Program.


Every day that artist Jamie Law rides the LRT from Central Station to NAIT to his job at a tattoo studio he accumulates used bus tickets.

Now, he’s using the tickets to create a six-foot by two-foot collage that he’ll auction off and donate proceeds to the ETS ‘Donate a Ride’ program, which gives transit tickets to low-income Edmontonians.

“We had a really mild winter but still, one thing that really bugs me is when you see homeless people being tossed out of the station on the coldest day [because they didn’t have a ticket],” he said.

“It’s the least I could do.”

Law, who has previously made headlines for his graffiti work, said the piece is also a tribute to a transit system that he relies on every day — but also one that has taken a lot of heat lately over construction delays.

“When people say, ‘Ah, that train,’ and complain because it interrupts traffic, I don’t have much to complain about because I’m on that train,” he said. “I’m waving to people at the intersection, like, ‘Sorry guys.’”

He’s not totally sure what the final piece will look like, but said he’s going for a raw but modern look. As a medium however, he said bus tickets leave a little something to be desired.

“As you’re applying them, it’s a bit tricky, you can smear them,” he said, noting that each one is stamped with a date and time.

“But when you see all the colours, the blues and the teals, it resonates. It’s Edmonton transit — those are our game colours.”

The finished piece will eventually be displayed and auctioned off at MINBID One, Law’s new art space in the Mercer Building downtown, which officially launches March 12. The starting bid will be about $1,600, to reflect the actual retail cost of the 500 or so tickets he’ll need.

Law says anyone who’d like to donate used tickets to be added to the piece can drop them off at the art gallery which is usually open between noon and 7.